University Program

University Program

Enhance your university curriculum with our software

Vitech’s University Program supports educational institutions in using our software to promote model-based systems engineering. University professors, as well as undergraduate and graduate students use the capability of Vitech software in such fields as systems engineering, engineering management, program management, and operations research.

If you are a teacher or a student, you may obtain Vitech’s software for free through the Vitech University Program. Begun over 20 years ago, the program allows young engineers to learn about model-based systems engineering in a hands-on way, and encourages them to pursue a career in systems engineering.

A Few Students and Teachers Using Vitech’s Software

Student: Winning the Caltech Space Challenge

Winning the Caltech challenge

Teacher: Students discover systems engineering at Cal Poly

Students discover systems engineering at Cal Poly

Benefits to Professors and Students

  • Provides the opportunity to learn requirements management, architecture definition, and systems analysis using a single, integrated tool
  • Creates a unique platform for understanding and implementing a structured, model-based systems engineering approach
  • Enables students to enter or re-enter the workforce with the knowledge and experience of a comprehensive model-based systems engineering tool
  • Provides a variety of robust tools and engineering expertise to students performing research in support of undergraduate and graduate degrees

Program Details

Since its inception over 20 years ago, the Vitech University Program has served over 200 professors and been associated with more than 80 universities. GENESY and CORE have been incorporated into a wide range of engineering courses, and have provided opportunities for training and insight to new approaches as well as serving as a tool for research and thesis work.

Universities that use Vitech Software

Once you register, you can select from the following offerings:

  • GENESYS™ in the Classroom, CORE™ in the Classroom
    • This offering is designed for educators teaching undergraduate and graduate-level courses in a classroom environment. We provide the most recent release of our University Edition of either GENESYS or CORE, free of charge to the instructor, teaching assistant(s), and all students, for their use throughout the semester or course. The software license is available for the duration of the course.
  • GENESYS for Research
    • Vitech is proud to support Ph.D. and post-doctorate students with commercial versions of GENESYS to support their academic research furthering systems engineering. Upon program acceptance, students will receive the latest version of GENESYS free of charge without any restrictions on project size. Licenses under the research program are granted on an annual basis and are renewable.

Join the University Program

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