Systems Engineering Services

Systems Engineering Services

Services to advance your systems initiatives

Vitech offers a wide range of systems engineering solutions that help you express – and integrate – your program needs in clearly stated requirements that can be translated into systems capabilities and features.

Whether delivering advanced education on specialized topics, providing third-party reviews, mentoring your team, or supplementing your systems staff, our expert engineers help enable your organization’s success.

Expertise in a variety of areas

Our senior engineers have been at the forefront of successfully developing and applying systems thinking and advanced systems engineering methodologies for more than 40 years. We have played key roles in creating the most accepted tools and application techniques in use today, and have successfully supported high-risk, mission-critical application projects.

We bring to bear our skilled and experienced senior engineers and powerful software tools to ensure that your systems design and improvement needs are met in a disciplined, complete and efficient way. For over 30 years, Vitech has done just that for government entities such as DoD, DOE, and NASA, as well as government integrators and commercial corporations. Our systems engineering services give you individualized attention and provide specific solutions for your particular requirements and challenges.