GENESYS Orientation Video Series

GENESYS Orientation Video Series

Learn what it’s like to work in GENESYS

Presenter: David Long

David Long


  • Founder and President of Vitech
  • Co-author of A Primer for Model-Based Systems Engineering
  • ESEP
  • President of the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE), 2014-2015
  • INCOSE Fellow

Together, the videos form a cohesive set, but you can watch them in any order.

Navigating GENESYS: Getting Oriented

This segment sets out the general premise behind model-based systems engineering, and behind GENESYS.

3:44 minutes

Understanding the GENESYS Interface

Learn about the basic elements of a project in GENESYS, their relationships, and what the different parts of the tool do or represent. The instructor walks you through a sample project: The Fast Food Sample.

12:12 minutes

Leveraging the Diagram Framework

In this segment, we look at how to visualize the same information from different viewpoints.

9:37 minutes

Engineering Systems Graphically: Drawing with Meaning

In this segment, you’ll learn how to actually engineer and develop a system, using a coffeemaker as an example.

13:53 minutes

Assisted Model-Based SE: Streamlining and Integrating the MBSE Experience

In this segment, you’ll learn about the Model Assistant, and about how GENESYS automatically assists you in setting up your model, almost in the manner of an AI guide.

12:43 minutes

Validating Behavior: A Virtual System Prototype from Day 1

In this segment, you’ll learn how to validate behavior using the embedded simulator in GENESYS.

12:19 minutes

Applying Parameters and Parametrics: Connecting Architecture and Analytics

In this segment, you’ll learn how to leverage numerics for design.

12:39 minutes

Excelling beyond GENESYS: The Excel Connector

In this segment, you’ll learn how to use the Excel Connector.

12:10 minutes

Diagnosing Systems Errors: Putting the Model to Work

In this segment, you’ll learn how GENESYS assists you in performing diagnostics via its Completeness Checker and Design Integrity Checker.

8:36 minutes