MBSE for Product

MBSE for Product

Today’s products are more complex than ever.

Whether you are developing an unprecedented product to open a new market, incorporating new technology to advance product capability and performance, or upgrading an existing product to meet user needs, dealing with complexity is critical to project success. It’s essential that you properly understand the problem, evaluate candidate architectures, understand interactions and dependencies, and manage risks and interfaces. Good MBSE helps elicit, manage, and communicate product information so that your team is free to focus on innovation. When you select GENESYS for your MBSE needs, you can handle competing, evolving demands in the design of a complex product with confidence, knowing that the tool supports completeness and consistency.

Improve your product design with Vitech’s MBSE software:

  • Reduce the learning curve and accelerate the benefits of systems engineering.

    Good MBSE should reduce complexity, not increase it. Vitech tools and its approach to systems engineering ease the burden while enriching the value. Emphasizing fundamental concepts, information, and interrelationships helps individuals accelerate their systems engineering learning curve. Leveraging a modern user interface in the language of systems engineering rather than software, with GENESYS, you can be productive in weeks, not months. A solid information framework, embedded systems engineering diagnostics, model assistants—all accelerate systems engineering as you focus on product development.

  • Spend your time engineering your product rather than engineering the artifacts.

    Too often, teams find themselves consumed by writing reports, manually maintaining diagrams, and other overhead tasks. Vitech tools free you from the cycle of manually producing and maintaining these artifacts. Confident in the heritage of a proven information model supporting systems engineering from the first statement of need through final system validation, you can rely on the tool to guarantee consistency and the bookkeeping aspects of systems engineering. Generate diagrams and documents on demand from the latest information with guaranteed consistency, and spend your time engineering your product.

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  • Seamlessly develop and maintain a source of truth for the system.

    Stop wasting time searching for systems information scattered across documents, spreadsheets, diagrams, and worst of all—that product knowledge never captured. Avoid making decisions based on outdated information. As you engineer, Vitech tools naturally become the systems engineering source of truth, spanning need to behavior, architecture, verification, and validation. Move with speed, confidence, and agility as you work from what you know to what you don’t. Capture the design journey—concerns, risks, alternatives, decisions, and rationale—alongside the outcome, and equip yourself to adapt to changing requirements and technologies while simultaneously enabling defensibility and trust.

  • Visualize your information your way, increasing team understanding with autogenerated diagrams.

    Successfully engineering complex products require insights from a diverse group—customers, users, engineers, subject matter experts, and leaders. Effective engagement driving shared understanding requires far more than an information repository. Combining the ease of Microsoft Visio with strong systems engineering semantics, Vitech tools enable you to engineer and communicate with a rich library of views auto-generated on demand. As your design evolves, your diagrams automatically keep pace—no manual updates required! Tailor communication to the audience with guaranteed consistency and unlock the collective intelligence of your team.

  • Smoothly navigate product evolution, designing for the “to-be” from the messy “as-built.”

    Products often evolve from one generation to the next with design starting with the “as-built” architecture. This may be a legacy product that the customer wants to upgrade or it may be a greater technology refresh to unlock greater performance. Quickly capture your existing architecture with clarity into dependencies and interactions. Perform a gap analysis between the as-is solution and the to-be capabilities, technologies, and constraints. Whether a simple evolution or a complete transformation, effectively harness insights from the current design to inform and accelerate the future, achieving a seamless transition to the to-be capabilities.

  • Improve quality and accelerate design through continuous simulation and digital verification.

    With increasingly compressed cycle times, the value of digital verification at every phase of product design cannot be overstated. Assess the validity of your product architecture through continuous simulation and analysis. With GENESYS, the product behavior you specify is directly executable, enabling you to debug your behavioral architecture by directly checking for logical inconsistencies, resource contention, and timing issues. Combine design-dependent parameters managing the critical numerics of design with the power of parametrics and commercial solvers to engineer with rigor. Identify issues early, saving you money and time later on.

  • Connect system architecture to detailed design for a more efficient design lifecycle.

    The products we build are reflections of our organizations. Flaws in the communication structure of an organization will manifest as defects in the product under development. Completely eliminate an entire class of design errors by connecting your design lifecycle. Seamlessly flow your lowest-level system design from GENESYS to your detailed design tools. Maintain traceability to requirements, constraints, interface definitions, and design rationale. Equip your team to engineer effectively and efficiently throughout the design lifecycle.