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Software Products

Systems Engineering is more than just requirements

Vitech understands that systems engineering is about more than just requirements. GENESYS—our integrated model-based systems engineering software tool—comprehensively covers all four domains of systems engineering—requirements, behavior, architecture, and V&V—holding all of the information in the tool itself and allowing you to do the engineering.

Integrated Software Tools

A single model captures all details and customer needs, and tracks all changes. 

Consider the benefits of Vitech’s MBSE software:

A single, authoritative source of information: With Vitech software, all model information resides in a single repository, eliminating the need for a variety of documents. A single model captures all details and customer needs, and tracks all changes. This makes for a robust tool, maintaining consistency over time. There’s no need to port information from one tool to another, risking data loss, staff coordination issues, or procedural challenges. With Vitech software, the tool is complete. You don’t need to buy additional add-ons or modify the software.

Traceability: The single repository allows you to develop and trace system architecture from system to subsystem and into component levels. Bi-directional traceability to the highest level of detail at all stages in the design is indispensable to a successful outcome. With Vitech tools, you have this traceability through time, place, and project. Using these tools, you can be confident you’re satisfying digital thread requirements.

Automatically generated diagrams and reports: With Vitech software, you don’t have to wait to manually create diagrams or reports for your colleagues, superiors or stakeholders—the tools do this automatically. You are able to produce everything from DoDAF and SysML diagrams to EFFBD and parametric diagrams to engineering reports at the click of a button.

Full-featured API: Vitech GENESYS supplies a full-featured API, a necessity in today’s engineering world. With so much being data-driven and with engineers wedded to their tools, having a full-featured API becomes mandatory in order to be effective. To that end, Vitech software easily interfaces with the other tools you use, such as: Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Phoenix ModelCenter MBSE, and Simulink.