Systems Thinking and Architecture-Driven Engineering are
crucial to addressing the complexities of today’s challenges.

Design Your Architecture

Design your product or services architecture and all associated views and viewpoints with confidence.  GENESYS is the industry’s only systems engineering modeling platform that is built upon the Systems Definition Language (SDL).  SDL conforms to the Systems Modeling Language (SysML) standard and provides the additional benefits of semantic precision and natural language interpretability due to its ontological foundations. This ensures architectures are complete, consistent, coherent and comprehensible across all layers of the design.

Collaborate in Real-Time

Collaborate in a real-time environment from an authoritative source of truth, bringing together all stakeholders with the latest information, accelerating the design process, and eliminating errors.

Connect the Enterprise

Introduce and deploy MBSE in a comprehensive, integrated platform. Connect the enterprise quickly and bring data from existing requirements or productivity applications into your models for enhanced analysis and improved communication.

Enable Your Journey from Concept to Capability


Define, decompose, analyze, and communicate requirements with full traceability.

Verification & Validation

Understand V&V compliance at every stage of the program.


Specify functions, inputs/outputs, and resources and validate integrated behavior. 


Integrate key mathematical relationships to ensure congruency across the model. 


Define the physical structure and its interfaces at each level of decomposition.  

Program Management

Capture your program architecture and trace to the system architecture.  

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