Self-Paced Tutorials

Self-Paced Tutorials

Foundations of MBSE: From Concept to Reality

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This series highlights the foundational principles of model-based systems engineering and the leverage they provide as you work to meet the needs of your customers.

The Larger Conceptual Framework: Foundations of MBSE from Concept to Reality

With much of the model-based systems engineering conversation tuned to specific tools, particular representations, and advanced practices, the foundation is often overlooked. Our experience across years of training, consulting, and design work has shown that very often the difficulties and problems that arise with system designs stem not from missing advanced concepts, but from failing to understand and apply the basics. This is absolutely true when seeking to adopt explicit model-based approaches. This self-paced tutorial series explores the foundational principles of MBSE in a way that ties the concepts they embody to the real world environment of our design process.

As with the MBSE Primer, those relatively new to systems engineering and those seeking an introduction to MBSE will find a firm conceptual foundation on which to build their practice. More seasoned practitioners of the discipline will have an opportunity to realign practices and processes with the fundamental principles of systems engineering. Working from this foundation, those seeking more advanced concepts and application experience can move forward with training and mentoring to raise the systems engineering proficiency of their team.

Just as athletes return again and again to the fundamental skills of their sport, we all need to visit and revisit our foundational principles in light of our experiences. It is our hope at Vitech that this series creates that opportunity for you and that you see again the power of systems engineering from its foundations.