GENESYS Version Comparison

GENESYS Version Comparison

GENESYS Product Line Changes

The GENESYS product line now consists of GENESYS, GENESYS Pro, GENESYS University Edition, and GENESYS Server. The table below summarizes the capabilities included in each edition of the GENESYS client. Customers can mix GENESYS and GENESYS Pro in the same environment and can work concurrently on the same project with either edition. GENESYS University Edition is a special version targeted at educational institutions and is not suitable for commercial use.

University Edition
Comprehensive Systems Design Language (CSDL)
Traditional Views
SysML Views
Table Views
Essential Capabilities (reporting, scripting, etc.)
Mission Capability Architecture / DoDAF
Basic Connectors
MS Office Connectors (Excel, PowerPoint, Project)
DOORS Connector
SBE Vision Connector
Analytical Tools
Behavior Simulation
Ansys ModelCenter Connector
MATLAB Connector
SIMULINK Connector
Restrictions (local repository)
Full Client Connections
Connector/API Connections
Entity Limitations (per project)

GENESYS and GENESYS Pro have a local repository for standalone usage. However, live collaboration requires an instance of GENESYS Server as the local repository can no longer be shared.

GENESYS Server now comes in two different configurations. The table below outlines the new packaging. Universal Connection Licenses (UCLs) are needed for each concurrent connection to the GENESYS Server. This includes connections from GENESYS/Pro clients as well as other connections made via any of the APIs. Note that only GENESYS Server includes OSLC and the REST API.

GENESYS Server 25
GENESYS Server 100
Works wth SQL Express*
Works with MS SQL Server
# of UCLs
* Although SQL Express is supported, it is not recommended for use with GENESYS Server

Existing GENESYS Spectrum users will be migrated to GENESYS Pro. If you currently own GENESYS Essentials, CORE, or are using the built-in collaboration server in GENESYS Spectrum, please contact your account rep to discuss your migration options.