Vitech delivers insight through integration

For more than 25 years, Vitech has delivered innovative, industry-leading solutions which provide the tools and insight required to define, develop, and manage complex systems for government agencies as well as private and public companies across the globe. Vitech’s solutions are built upon a solid foundation of systems engineering and architecture software combined with the experience of our professional services team.

Vitech’s GENESYS™ software gives you the insight to significantly enhance program productivity, reduce risks and lower costs, as well as improve project results. With its open API, best-in-class authoring capabilities, and conformance to SysML and DoDAF standards, Vitech’s software is the ideal solution for today’s architecture-driven design.

Managing Complexity with Vitech


Founded in 1992 by David Long, Vitech has always been committed to applying the principles of good systems engineering to solving the world’s problems. Building on its initial product, CORE, Vitech developed the next-generation model-based systems engineering software tool, GENESYS, which it debuted in 2005. This software incorporates the key components of building a system: people, processes, data, and documentation. Today, there are thousands of GENESYS users across the globe—along with more than 80 universities who have used the program worldwide. Through ongoing technical leadership and insight from government and industry, Vitech continues to provide innovative solutions to enhance best practices, advance the profession, and further evolve the systems engineering discipline. To learn more, read Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts: A Brief History of Vitech Corporation.

Products & Services

MBSE Training

Along with its GENESYS product suite, Vitech develops customized systems engineering and architecture solutions. Vitech’s professional services, training, research and development as well as consulting programs focus on cross-functional business processes, maximizing productivity and streamlining efficiencies.

University Program

As a proponent of lifelong learning and education, Vitech also offers a unique University Program which introduces faculty and students—in fields such as systems engineering, program management, engineering management, logistics, operations research, business administration, and other engineering disciplines—to model-based systems engineering methodology for classroom and research use.