Webinar: Digital Engineering Basics: Product Model Trade Studies

Webinar: Digital Engineering Basics: Product Model Trade Studies

Digital Engineering Basics: Product Model Trade Studies

As Digital Engineering continues to gain momentum, the question of how to define a useful product architecture becomes critical. In concert with Zuken, Vitech presents this second webinar as part of a three-part series exploring the digital engineering development process using a video drone example. Part 1 covers a systems engineering approach to model creation. In this second webinar, the presenter demonstrates how trade studies are performed on the product model to verify and optimize the architecture. Part 3 moves the drone model into a detailed design for wire harness design.

This webinar will demonstrate systems engineering best practices in verifying product requirements using an MBSE model. Parameters and constraint definitions will be used to build equations to analyze various aspects of the model that lead to a business value trade-off. A critical product requirement is the operational time. Various aspects of the design will be analyzed to determine the system’s ability to meet that requirement. The ability to meet that requirement along with weight, cost, and video performance will be rolled up into business value analysis. The analysis will be run through Model Center and will integrate various analysis tools.

You’ll learn:

  • Modeling parameters and constraint definitions
  • Delivering content to ModelCenter
  • Model Center Analysis
  • Receiving results from Model Center
  • Creating Verification Status Reports

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