Webinar: Collaborative MBSE

Webinar: Collaborative MBSE

Collaborative MBSE

Presenter: Fran McCafferty

This webinar will focus on collaborative MBSE with GENESYS, delivering the right blend of methodology and tool support to improve the elicitation, capture, and communication of knowledge. We will also talk about the elements, relationships, and attributes of how our data is organized. We will discuss a series of integration steps that allow you to have an end-to-end engineering environment focused on systems engineering. Finally, we will learn how to represent the permissions of our systems and how to make sure that control is being maintained throughout the process.

  • Learn why collaboration drives success among system engineers and across the greater project team.
  • Discover how data is organized in the Entity Relationship Attribute.
  • Observe a series of integration steps that make it as easy as possible to communicate the design process through a series of tools.

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