Webinar: GENESYS – Born from CORE, Built for the Future

Webinar: GENESYS – Born from CORE, Built for the Future

GENESYS – Born from CORE, Built for the Future

Presenter: Steve Cash

Steve Cash

In this webinar, you will learn about the latest version of Vitech’s flagship MBSE platform, GENESYS. Grounded in a natural language systems engineering metamodel, GENESYS allows users to build a fully integrated model representing the descriptive architecture of a system. From requirements to behavioral and physical architectures, through to verification and validation planning, GENESYS automatically generates both SysML and traditional views, and provides an open foundation to share information among stakeholders across the digital engineering environment. This webinar highlights the use of GENESYS for the development of a remote-controlled video drone, including requirements, concern capture, requirement refinement, use case development, behavioral threading, physical architecture, and parameter/constraint definition for the drone. The result is the delivery of the descriptive architecture that specifies the design envelopes for detail design.

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